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 As marine consultants we regularly undertake a very wide variety of instructions, from hire fleet operators and navigation authorities to television program makers and pyrotechnic companies.

Repeated instructions come from companies wishing to solve marine based problems or wishing to assess product suitability for the marine market or marine environment or from companies wishing to move into new marine markets. This type of instruction can be very varied and has included a request for assistance with the production of an amphibious vehicle to assistance with the development of a marine equipment plant hire company.

Film and Television program makers are often aware that they require specialist knowledge when making programs on or around boats and water. We have undertaken a broad scope of responsibilities from a wide variety of program makers, for an equally wide variety of program types, from soap operas and commercials to documentaries and films. In recognition of this we have been included as a member of the film and media development agency and are regularly invited to deliver feedback to the agency on general and marine based issues. [Link to Film agency]

We have frequently received instruction from a number pyrotechnics companies with regard to the production of fireworks displays, particularly from floating platforms and moving craft. This can range from the safety assessment of a particular craft to the design of suitable launch platform configurations.

As general marine consultancy can be very diverse we have had a large number of approaches where we have considered the consultancy to be outside of our areas of expertise. In such instances we are keen to assist the client in seeking suitable alternatives. However the co-ordination of a number of specialist experts through one consultant has sometimes been sought by the client and we have successfully carried this commission.

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