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Boat Safety Scheme (BSS )  

The Boat Safety Scheme is jointly owned by British Waterways [Link to BW] and the Environment Agency [Link to EA]. The scheme publicises its aim to reduce the risk of fires or explosions on boats cruising the UK's inland waterways network, by specifying a set of requirements that most boats must meet before they can be granted a licence to navigate the waterway. The Scheme also sets out to recommend a number of what it sees as 'safety best practice measures’ which it considers will enhance the personal health and safety of those on board privately owned boats.

We have operated as consultants to the Boat Safety Scheme [Link to BSS] devising solutions to long running compliance difficulties and our developed solutions have also been adopted by Europe as compliance options for the Recreational Craft Directive [Link to RCD]

As a fully trained Boat Safety Scheme Examiner we are authorised by British Waterways Board and The Environment Agency to carry out Boat Safety Scheme Examinations and the issuing of the appropriate certificates.

As with all authorised BSS examiners we are regularly in receipt of the latest amendments to the regulations directly from the BSS office. As part of the schemes pursuit of consistent implementation of the regulations we attend the relevant training courses and, as with all surveyor/examiners, we are regularly assessed. The professional surveyors association, to which we belong, is represented on the BSS advisory and BSS technical committees.

The professional surveyors’ role differs from the more limited task of the BSS examiner in that surveyors are permitted to give suitable advice and guidance on methods of obtaining compliance with the BSS regulations and not simply perform the examination. As such we frequently design and develop methods of compliance for a wide range of clients from private boat owners to commercial concerns.

We regularly carry out examinations and assessments on a full range of craft from historic and modern craft, timber craft, GRP sailing boats, commercial vessels, workboats, barges and ships, with a range of propulsion methods from vintage and modern engines to coal fired steam.

As a life long boat owner the need for a harmonisation of the BSS requirements with the practicalities of operating and cruising the craft is considered as paramount and our practical approach is frequently drawn upon by others.

A copy of the latest Boat Safety Scheme Requirements and some simple advice on achieving compliance with the regulations is offered in a published guide. [Download BSS Guide] However the scheme has changed several times over a number of years and is still changing to this day, as such there is a guide to the changes which is available. [Download BSS Changes] For the most up to date requirements please telephone us to discuss the specifics of your craft and the current status of the scheme.

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